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Mr. Sidney Jones - Director of Information Security

Mr. Sidney Jones is the Director of Information Security at Torpedopot. Over the course of his career, Mr. Jones has helped numerous top executives manage and integrate business plans and align their organizations around KPIs directly tied to their strategic plans to reduce costs and establish multiple platforms for growth. Mr. Jones has also built scalable data architectures for executive teams and analysts to gather big data from an array of sources for quantitative analysis, marketing plans, sales & operation planning, integrated business planning, and conducting business valuations. He has also worked extensively with financial controllers to implement new BPM strategies to reduce human error and automate financial controls. Over his career, Mr. Jones has also worked with several Chief Security Officers on theft prevention and investigations on existing cases. He has also worked as a project manager for John Deer Landscapes and has multiple key connections in core areas for Torpedopot™ to expand upon. Before beginning his career, Mr. Jones graduated suma cum laude with degrees in computer science and software engineering.