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Mr. Jerome Roberts - Director of Communications 

Mr. Jerome Roberts is the Director of Communications at Torpedopot™.  After gaining nearly 40 years of experience in the areas of media and telecommunications Mr. Jones has developed the expertise necessary to help Torpedopot™ effectively communicate with a broad range of key stakeholders. Currently, Mr. Roberts is an Enterprise Business Development Manager at two end Technologies as well as an Executive Director for ZEAL Communications Group LLC. Zeal Communications Group, LLC is a full-service media communications consulting firm specializing in the development and production of television and video programming. Zeal Communications Group, LLC brings together a team of award-winning writers and producers committed to providing customers with dynamic media solutions. At Torpedopot™ Mr. Roberts will drive communication efforts by implementing procedures and processes that ensure that the most appropriate and profitable outlets of communication are used in order to deliver the company’s message to effective channels